Attitude of Gratitude

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As I enter my 10th month as an employee of Crossfuze I wanted to share my position on my good fortune and offer thanks for the opportunities I have been presented.

To say I am in a position of appreciation and possess an “attitude of gratitude” would be an understatement.

In the 10 months since coming onboard I have found a culture that supports growth, takes risks, drives partnership and community, places value on both the quality of the product we deliver and at the same time the quality of the lives of its team members.

A company that is constantly and consistently driving to better itself, making investments in growth of our footprint, our level of expertise and our people’s happiness.

After all the years I had committed to my trade, and all that I thought I knew, I find myself learning every day from people in every position in the company, from CEO Chris Howard who took time to meet and greet me individually, to the newest team members breaking into the ServiceNow space.  

At Crossfuze, we work very hard.

We sometimes put in extra hours.

We deal with the challenges, difficulties and frustrations of the Services business every day.  

We get angry and we complain.

And then we seek counsel among our teammates.

We share our difficulties and more importantly our successes.  

We prop each other up and help provide solutions.

We are fostered by the others we call teammates.

In my experience to date I have been helped to grow and been supported in ways I have never experienced in my prior roles.

I continue to learn all I can here in hopes of furthering my career in what I fondly refer to as my “retirement home”, as  I have every intention of doing all I can to make Crossfuze the place I spend the rest of my career.

I have been asked why I am always so positive and upbeat. My answer is easy, I have found myself in a place where I love my company and my teammates. 

I am humbled, appreciative and so thankful for the support and opportunities given to me.

- Jim

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