3 Reasons Why Crossfuze Is a Great Place to Work

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Did you know? Crossfuze has been named a Certified Great Place to Work® across the United States, Canada, and the UK. This news is particularly exciting because our people are at the forefront of everything we do, and we couldn’t have earned this recognition without our incredible team’s dedication to providing exceptional experiences for our employees and customers. 

Fostering an employee-centric culture is one of our highest priorities. After launching the FamilyFirst Benefits Program in 2022, we’ve shown our team that we don’t just say we care about our people: We back it up with our policies. The Great Place to Work® certification reflects that our dedication to our team has paid off, as the prestigious award is based entirely on what current employees say about their experience working at Crossfuze. Here are a few things that make Crossfuze a great place to work.


1. Benefits Are Designed to Help You Put Family First

At Crossfuze, we know how invaluable family is. That’s why we offer employee-centric benefits that are designed for our teams and their loved ones, like paid maternity and paternity leave and newborn, adoption, and fertility assistance. 

The mental health of our employees and their families is also essential. We realize our employees are people—not robots—which is why we also have generous PTO policies, an extra PTO day for mental health, extended bereavement leave, and year-round half-day Fridays. We also have a Mental Health Taskforce dedicated to the well-being of every employee. These Mental Health First Aiders are there to offer support, break the stigma that surrounds mental health, and place it at the center of employee wellbeing.  

Crossfuze believes that your time is valuable both at work and away from it. In fact, 92 percent of employees at Crossfuze feel they are encouraged to balance their work life and personal life, and 91 percent say they are able to take time off when they think it’s necessary.


2. We Are Committed to a Diverse and Inclusive Culture

Our company-funded and employee-led Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging task force dedicates its time and energy to maintaining an inclusive culture. We also understand that stability and flexibility are essential in today’s ever-changing world. We employ a remote, nontraditional modern workforce that encourages teamwork and collaboration across departments and backgrounds. 

This warmth and openness are shown to our employees from the beginning: According to the Great Place to Work® study, 93 percent of our team reports that when someone joins the company, they are made to feel welcome. Additionally, 94 percent of all staff agree management promotes inclusive behavior, avoids discrimination, and is committed to ensuring fair appeals.


3. Employees Can Grow with Training Opportunities

Not only do we aim to provide an excellent experience for our employees, but we also want to help our team members grow in their long-term careers. We provide training and development opportunities to all employees. These programs are built to help our team plan for the future and build the career they want, from entry-level to more senior positions. In fact, 94 percent of the staff report that they are treated as a full member at Crossfuze regardless of their position.

Our culture also provides a great opportunity for our people to enjoy interesting and challenging work. Employees can enjoy working on projects that challenge them, all while communicating with teammates across departments.

As our CEO Chris Howard says, “We strive to invest in meaningful ways for our collective benefit.” Crossfuze is proud to hire top talent and offer benefits that help them prioritize their personal and family lives. We are committed to a diverse work environment and providing training programs to all employees. The Great Places to Work certification is an affirmation of our position as a leader in creating exceptional employee experiences.

Crossfuze truly is a great place to work. Join us to lead your best life, grow in your career, and enjoy a positive workplace environment. To explore job opportunities and learn about what a day in the life at Crossfuze looks like, visit crossfuze.com/careers.

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