Being Intentional in Recruiting

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I recently had the privilege to complete the AIRS Diversity Recruiter training and it was an incredibly mind-expanding experience. When looking back on the way I went about my job day to day, it seems like I was just missing so much even though in my mind I thought I always had an eye on diversity & inclusion. Let’s get into two cornerstones of recruiting that this training has enhanced for me.

Be intentional

Early in the training, they emphasized beginning with the end in mind. When you hire someone, you want to be able to look back at the process and know that you approached the search with the mindset focused on diversity & inclusion. When approaching a search that way, you get a broader and more diverse group who also meet the qualifications for the position. When an organization becomes more diverse, people are less susceptible to groupthink, different perspectives can positively impact problem solving, and it can become more competitive globally.

Be Authentic

CDR is not just three letters. The training helps transform a recruiting professional. It helps them to build a company that is truer to the real world that we live in. Within an organization, equity and inclusion helps employees to understand value differences among the team, gives employees the freedom to be themselves, and creates an environment where people feel welcomed and truly valued.

It feels like the recruiting and HR professions are continually moving in the right direction but there is a long way to go and many people who would greatly benefit from this learning experience. I can’t recommend it enough and look forward to continuing my education and evolution as the world changes around us. 

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