Why Working at Crossfuze isn’t for Everyone? – An authentic view

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Joining a new company, be that within the same sector, changing career entirely or starting fresh out of education, always comes with a certain level of trepidation. You want to know that you are going to fit in. In many ways, you want the company values to mirror your own and very few organisations are going to tick all of your boxes. I can only talk from my own experience that it helps so much when you can get an insight into what it’s like to work at a company before you join. In this article, I hope to give you just that – an authentic view of what it’s like to work at Crossfuze.

Starting off with a little about myself, I work in the Crossfuze UK Sales Team and I joined straight out of university two and a half years ago. I had never had a proper full-time job before, and I was naturally nervous about starting my career on the right foot. Joining through a recruiter, I had three interviews in two days and all of them made a distinctly different impression on me. So why did I end up choosing Crossfuze? 

Crossfuze was the only organisation that I interviewed for that offered me that all important insight of what it’s like to work here. Rather than selling me on salary or the amount of annual leave I would get, instead it was about giving me the most authentic view of what it’s like to work at Crossfuze. It was simple - if I didn’t like what I saw, then maybe that’s because Crossfuze wasn’t the right place for me. No hard feelings. 

It was this transparency and authenticity that attracted me the most. There was no need to put up a façade because people were proud of the work they do, the way they do it and who they do it for. It is this authenticity that is central to how we hire because it’s central to how we want to operate as a business. We talk to our customers about wanting to forge long-term partnerships with them as they go through their digital transformation journey, but who would we be if we didn’t mirror that in our commitment to the partnership we have with our employees on their career journey. It’s one and the same. 

As a result, at Crossfuze you are offered the opportunity to build your own career. We talk to customers about maximising value from their investment in ServiceNow, and the same goes for your career. It’s about getting the most out of an individual and the best way of doing that is supporting them on their voyage of discovery. And that is what makes Crossfuze unique. It’s a rapidly growing, medium sized business that has maintained its start up DNA. We’re small enough that you can immerse yourself in a whole host of activities be that across Marketing, Project Management, Project Delivery or anything in between. In fact, it is the flexibility and diversity of my work at Crossfuze that inspired me to start my own personal digital transformation blog. But at the same time, we’re big enough that we can attract top talent that continuously challenges us to sharpen the axe. 

What this all comes down to is something I talk about all the time in my own blogs, culture. 

A lot of organisations talk about collaboration, but rarely have I seen it put into practice the way it is at Crossfuze. Credit to the individual is rare, you probably didn’t expect me to say that. But why? – because what we do is a team sport. If I in the Sales Team close a new piece of business, I will have relied on support from a list of people as long as my arm across the business to achieve that. They too should be, and are, recognised for that success. 

However, most unique of all is what has become known as our FamilyFirst Friday’s. At the beginning of the year, Crossfuze released a range of FamilyFirst Benefits Packages, one of which was giving Friday afternoons back to us. The idea being that the employee has the autonomy to choose how they spend their Friday afternoon, be that an extension of the upcoming weekend, the time to do some Personal Development, the time to catch up on work that has fallen down the priority list and so on. It is what I like to call a work hard, play hard culture because, without measuring it directly, I’d wager this headspace has been crucial in driving up productivity and innovation across the organisation as well as much needed mental health and job satisfaction. 

I hope this has given you some useful insight. As I’ve tried to make clear, Crossfuze isn’t for everyone. However, if some of the values I have attempted to represent above align with your own, it is likely you’ll be a perfect fit. If you think this is a culture that you will thrive in, we would love for you to get in touch. See you out there.

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