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I like to live my professional career by the saying “Never turn down an opportunity that is presented to you.” I first heard about Crossfuze (Virteva at the time) while I was studying at Hennepin Technical College in Minnesota. Zach Brand and Abbey Nelson were on campus doing mock interviews and while normally I would have shied away from going out of my comfort zone to do something like that, I said, “what they hay” and signed up.

Best thing I’ve ever done.

Fast forward a couple of months, I was asked to come in for an official interview at the Crossfuze Minneapolis office. Not long after that, I got a call from Abbey offering me the job as a Service Desk Analyst. As someone who previously only worked in retail, this was huge for me. I enthusiastically (and nervously!) said yes, the next best thing I ever did.

I started working as an Analyst on the Service Desk and within 6 months, I was promoted to a Lead Analyst. 8 months after that, I joined the Quality Management team. Within 4 months of joining the QM team, an even bigger opportunity presented itself when I heard about the 3 Months to NOW program. Previously, when I was in school, I studied software development and while working on the Connected Solutions team got me into the field of IT (which I will forever be grateful for), it wasn’t exactly what I had studied in school (which is ultimately what everyone wants to do in their careers right?) The 3 Month-to-NOW program was my opportunity to begin doing what I went to school for, development. Not going to lie, I was very hesitant to reach out regarding the opportunity, so much so that the deadline had already passed when I submitted my resume to be considered for the program. Well of course, as Crossfuze is top-notch when it comes to career development and advancement, they accepted my application to join the program and within a month, I joined the “NOWbies”.

While the goal of the 3MTN program is to take individuals that have little to no experience with ServiceNow and turn them into skilled technical associates, I can honestly say having worked on the service desk that the familiarity I was given with ServiceNow was beneficial to me in this program. That foundation I acquired allowed me to breeze through much of the beginning stages of training to begin focusing on taking on actual assignments and projects.

That said, as I was told on my first day of college, "In the IT industry, you will never stop learning". Knowing this and having a mindset that desires growth, you can accomplish so much. So, as I said earlier, when an opportunity presents itself, take it. You will not regret it.

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